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Urgent Care Jamestown, ND

Welcome to Medallus Urgent Care Jamestown, ND! We Offer a Variety of Services Including Urgent Care & Walk-in Services, Primary Care, Workplace Health & More. Please Feel Free to Just Walk-in for Urgent Care Needs & Call at (701) 401-8496 to Schedule a Primary Care Appointment. Our Urgent Care Clinic Is Located at 721A 1st Ave South Jamestown, ND 58401.

If you don’t want to use your health insurance to visit Medallus Clinic, we have an option. You can become a member of MedallusCare by paying a monthly fee of $50/person/month so you can receive medical care for $10/visit.

THIS IS NOT A HEALTH INSURANCE because the fee only covers what we can provide in our clinics within the scope of practice and training of our providers. If you need further care from ERs, hospitals, and specialists, you will be referred to them and are responsible for their fees. This is when your health insurance comes in and cover such benefits.

For patients without health insurance, our program allows you to take care of BASIC medical needs, which accounts for about 90% of medical needs for an average population.

For patients with high deductible health insurance, our program allows you to set your insurance aside (we will not bill your insurance) so you can receive care for $10/visit instead of $100 or more due to your deductible.

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How to Promote Health, Decrease Costs, and Lower Premiums

One solution is to manage your employees’ health and needs by allowing Medallus to be your “gatekeeper” clinic for $10/visit, preventing simple needs from becoming large revenue sources for health systems. Additionally, screen all employees to detect early diseases and address them before they become manifested into expensive experience at major facilities.

Patient Reviews & Feedback

I was in Jamestown overnight and really appreciated the ability to come in at about 6 PM. The staff was very friendly and helpful. In no time I was on my way. Thanks for the great service…

Medallus Urgent Care Jamestown, ND

Richard K

Excellent experience! Very friendly and personable staff. Easy to get an appointment without having to wait months to get in like other clinics. Staff seemed to genuinely care and my experience…

Medallus Urgent Care Jamestown, ND

MacKenzie H

Great experience. Customer care was excellent by the receptionist, nurse, and doctor. They treated my young son very well and spoke directly to him rather than to me. You can tell they really care…

Medallus Urgent Care Jamestown, ND

Kristy L